Negotiations Update:

Due to COVID, contract negotiations were placed on hold as of March 19. This was extended to July 31. It was agreed in writing that any wage increases would be applied retroactively to the end of our contract (4/24/2020).

Even so, negotiations are now up and running. Our team, Jon Wentz (attorney), Susan Wilson, Jim Weber, Hugh Williams, Oyama Hall and Deb Danter are set up with ample social distancing and safe protocols in place in our union hall to negotiate with the city’s team via video conferencing. The team met July 16 and 17. They are also scheduled to meet for four days starting August 11. They met 8/21 and are scheduled to meet again 8/31. Our team is still waiting for the City to set additional dates for September; this has been the case for several weeks now.

We would prefer your home email address for contract negotiations updates.


The city has frozen all merit increases since March.  The union has filed a grievance in this matter. Updates will be posted when additional news becomes available.

Recently (June 2020) we have heard from members who have received text messages on their personal cell phones from the Freedom Foundation.

The Freedom Foundation wants to take away our ability to negotiate for better wages and benefits and have a secure retirement.  This is our next Senate Bill 5. But just like Senate Bill 5, Ohioans aren’t buying what they’re selling. Ohio voters overwhelming repealed that damaging, anti-worker law. Ohio’s unions, including CWA, have continued to fight and win better compensation, benefits and working conditions for the employees we represent. That is why the Freedom Foundation is targeting union members like you.

The Freedom Foundation is telling members they can drop out of the union and still get all of the benefits without paying dues. But we know that’s not a winning strategy. Our members understand that strength at the bargaining table requires the membership to stand in solidarity with one another and their union. That is especially important as we get ready to start negotiations over your pay, benefits and working conditions with the City of Columbus.  Each one of us needs to stick together in support of our union and to protect our bargaining rights.

If you are contacted by an anti-union pusher from the Freedom Foundation, don’t sign anything and ask them to remove you from their list.  If you receive an email from this deceptive organization, forward it to  You can also visit for more information. In order to fight back, tell your co-workers about how the Freedom Foundation is threatening everyone’s wages, benefit and working conditions. Most importantly, stay involved in CWA Local 4502. It’s your Union and we need to keep it strong for all of us.

Review the Letter from President Susan Wilson for more background information, who this organization is and how they got your personal information. NOTE: This letter was mailed to all CWA Local 4502 members in February 2020.

Do you know about the free college benefit offered by Eastern Gateway Community College, via Union Plus? It is 100% online and freeClasses begin in June.

Visit or apply: . Select “Union Plus” as the union you belong to.

Feel free to contact our Local 4502 Organizer, Wayne Trakas-Lawlor, for a first-hand recommendation and learn about his experience in this program:

CAPITAL UNIVERSITY offers half-off tuition for Civil Servants.

Effective the first pay period in April, our Health Insurance rates changed. Most years there is an increase based on our previous year’s actual expenses, and this year is no exception.

View all Bargaining Units’ rates:  2020 Health Isurance Rates (CWA is in blue).

Single: $145.12/month
Family: $362.80/month

Hired after 12/1/2017:
Single: $193.49/month
Family: $483.73/month

View all Bargaining Units’ 2019 rates:2019 Health Insurance Rates


Any employee that believe they  has been exposed to the cornavirus please fill out the attached form.  Under description of pandemic exposure indicate if it was possible or confirmed exposure and return the completed form to


COVID 03-16-2020