Negotiations Update:

Due to COVID, contract negotiations were placed on hold as of March 19. This was extended to July 31. It was agreed in writing that any wage increases would be applied retroactively to the end of our contract (4/24/2020).

Even so, negotiations are now up and running. Our team, Jon Wentz (attorney), Susan Wilson, Jim Weber, Hugh Williams, Oyama Hall and Deb Danter are set up with ample social distancing and safe protocols in place in our union hall to negotiate with the city’s team via video conferencing. The teams met July 16 and 17; August 11, 21 and 31. The city never established any dates to meet in September, but met with our team October 12 to make a presentation on City finances.

The teams met November 9, 10, 18, 23 and 30.

The next scheduled dates to meet and bargain are: December 8, 9 and 14.

We would prefer your home email address for contract negotiations updates.


The union office will be closed on Thursday, November 26th and Friday, November 27th to observe the Thanksgiving day holiday.

Today at the union hall, there is an annual audit being performed by a third party independent auditing firm.  This is done to ensure that the union’s financials comply with proper accounting procedures and to ensure that we follow the highest financial standards.



For Immediate Release

October 7, 2020



Robin Davis, Office of the Mayor, 614-369-5613

Jeff Ortega, Department of Public Utilities, 614-230-4141


Columbus Tops 30,000 Home Energy Audits in 2020

Mayor Ginther Calls for More Work in Energy Efficiency


COLUMBUS – The City of Columbus’ Sustainable Steps program celebrated a key environmental protection sustainability milestone on October 7 – surpassing 30,000 home energy audits in Columbus within two years.


“These audits, which identify opportunities for energy efficiency in homes, will ultimately save residents money and save energy use, helping ensure a healthier, more equitable community,” said Mayor Andrew J. Ginther.


The Mayor’s announcement comes during the national celebration of Energy Efficiency Week.


Ginther credited the city working with residents and neighborhoods, utility companies and other partners to rally towards this common goal. Ginther also credited the work of the City’s behavior change program, Sustainable Steps, a part of the larger Sustainable Columbus initiative, in helping achieve the milestone.


“The City of Columbus is committed to providing an equitable, sustainable and resilient future for our community, as evidenced by our clean energy aggregation effort this fall and goals around energy efficiency,” Mayor Ginther said. “Every resident has the right to clean air and water, and a safe and healthy living environment. That’s what addressing climate change and meeting these goals is all about.”


The City will continue to promote energy efficiency including encouraging more residents to take part in in-home energy audits, to install recommended energy efficiency improvements and to take full advantage of home weatherization programs to help them save money on utility bills.


Mayor Ginther made sustainability a key priority for his second term and announced the Columbus community’s goal is to be Carbon Neutral by 2050, saying it goes to the very fabric of what it means to be America’s Opportunity City. He set a new goal today for Columbus residences to use 10% less energy annually by 2030 by raising awareness and growing participation in available energy efficiency programs. These commitments demonstrate why Columbus was selected as one of 25 cities to participate in the Bloomberg Philanthropies American Cities Climate Challenge, an effort to resource cities to take strong action to reduce pollution that contributes to climate change and impact public health.


“When we started this journey last year, the goal of doing 30,000 home energy audits seemed like a stretch. But, by working together, we got there,” said Vince Parisi, Columbia Gas President.

“Now, Mayor Ginther has set a new goal: Residents in Columbus will use 10 percent less energy annually by 2030. It’s another challenge for our community and for our company. But I know we can get there. And our neighborhoods can help lead the way.”


“Through the Sustainable Steps program, we’ve witnessed what can be accomplished when partners and communities work toward a common goal: we achieve success,” said Raja Sundararajan, AEP Ohio President and Chief Operating Officer. “This collaboration will serve us well as we support Mayor Ginther’s new goal.”



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The City has let the Union know that the Lawson Portal will remain open for approximately one year.  If you anticipate needing past pay stubs, you may want to save them down to a jump drive or home computer.


As many of you know, the City has migrated to a new pay system. It is imperative that you review your entire check stub (Every line one it including your name and address) and identify any discrepancies that are on it and send the corrections to your payroll personnel. We currently know that all sick leave balances are wrong.

Recently (June 2020) we have heard from members who have received text messages on their personal cell phones from the Freedom Foundation.

The Freedom Foundation wants to take away our ability to negotiate for better wages and benefits and have a secure retirement.  This is our next Senate Bill 5. But just like Senate Bill 5, Ohioans aren’t buying what they’re selling. Ohio voters overwhelming repealed that damaging, anti-worker law. Ohio’s unions, including CWA, have continued to fight and win better compensation, benefits and working conditions for the employees we represent. That is why the Freedom Foundation is targeting union members like you.

The Freedom Foundation is telling members they can drop out of the union and still get all of the benefits without paying dues. But we know that’s not a winning strategy. Our members understand that strength at the bargaining table requires the membership to stand in solidarity with one another and their union. That is especially important as we get ready to start negotiations over your pay, benefits and working conditions with the City of Columbus.  Each one of us needs to stick together in support of our union and to protect our bargaining rights.

If you are contacted by an anti-union pusher from the Freedom Foundation, don’t sign anything and ask them to remove you from their list.  If you receive an email from this deceptive organization, forward it to [email protected]  You can also visit for more information. In order to fight back, tell your co-workers about how the Freedom Foundation is threatening everyone’s wages, benefit and working conditions. Most importantly, stay involved in CWA Local 4502. It’s your Union and we need to keep it strong for all of us.

Review the Letter from President Susan Wilson for more background information, who this organization is and how they got your personal information. NOTE: This letter was mailed to all CWA Local 4502 members in February 2020.