Fellow CWA Members,


Your Union is pleased to announce  that  the City and CWA Local4502 have reached an agreement in principle on a proposed new contract for bargaining unit members. The agreement in principle was reached very late on December 30.  The next step in the process is for negotiators to finalize the proposed contract language. That process is underway.  After  the  proposed language  is finalized,  the  Union  will submit  the proposed contract  to the membership  for a ratification vote on whether  to accept or reject the proposed contract.


The agreement in principle includes  increases in compensation,  no erosion of your insurance benefits, and improvements to your working conditions. Your Union’s hard work and your strong support  for your Union and your co-workers paid off. We look forward to sharing the details of the proposed contract when the language is finalized.


Your Union plans  to conduct a contract  ratification vote in January 2021.  We will provide you with dates and information  about the voting process in the near future. The  Union  will also  conduct  WebEX contract   meetings  to explain  the  proposed contract  and answer  your questions.


Our  members  faced many challenges  on and  off the  job in 2020. CWA Local 4502 thanks you for your hard  work and service to the City and residents. We know that having a new contract  in place will benefit every employee we represent, as well as their family members, as we face the challenges  that  lie ahead. Happy New Year.


Don’t hesitate to contact your Union if you have questions.




Susan  Wilson “‘