Frontline Worker Bonus

Many things have changed since we have initially discussed this matter with City Council President Hardin to get a Frontline Worker’s Bonus.  The legislation was signed some time ago.  It indicates that it will pay up to $1000.  City Council intended us to get $1000 based on conversations before and after, and council passed 7.1 Million dollars which comes out to 7100 bargaining employees.  Once the legislation passed, an MOU was sent to the union.  The MOU only has $500 for the Frontline Worker Bonus and $500 vaccine incentive.  This is not what we lobbied for nor is it was not what was discussed.  We have not signed the MOU.  The MOU gives the $500 to all employees for the Frontline Worker Bonus.  The legislation left it up the Department Directors to determine who get the Frontline Worker Bonus, however, that has been taken from their hands as the MOU pays it to everyone.  We would like to see employees receive the $1000.  The union is okay with the city offering a vaccine incentive, however, we do not feel it should be tied to the Frontline Workers Bonus.  Our position is solely, that our members should get the Frontline Worker Bonus for $1000 as discussed and allowed by the legislation. The vaccine incentive is separate and we agree to $500 for this, but not out of the Frontline Worker Bonus.