Negotiations Update:

Due to COVID, contract negotiations were placed on hold as of March 19. This was extended to July 31. It was agreed in writing that any wage increases would be applied retroactively to the end of our contract (4/24/2020).

Even so, negotiations are now up and running. Our team, Jon Wentz (attorney), Susan Wilson, Jim Weber, Hugh Williams, Oyama Hall and Deb Danter are set up with ample social distancing and safe protocols in place in our union hall to negotiate with the city’s team via video conferencing. The team met July 16 and 17. They are also scheduled to meet for four days starting August 11. They met 8/21 and are scheduled to meet again 8/31. Our team is still waiting for the City to set additional dates for September; this has been the case for several weeks now.

We would prefer your home email address for contract negotiations updates.