Median earnings for union and non-union workers

What is union-busting? Union-busting is when an external organization encourages union members to stop paying union dues. Their aim is to destroy unions and deprive workers of workplace benefits, such as pay raises, health-care, vacation time, personal business holidays, our birthday holidays, and so much more.

What they say: That union members can save money by stop being a dues-paying member of CWA Local 4502, and still get the benefits of membership with no adverse consequences or effects on contracts and collective bargaining.

What it means: Weaken the Union’s ability to bargain for improved pay, benefits and working conditions – our contract – and eventually leads to the Union disappearing. Don’t forget that the employer is not legally obliged to give us any benefits. Who will negotiate for us then? The Union-buster? NO! They have not put a dime into our pockets but they want to take money from our paychecks to fund billionaires.

They do not care about our pay or how we will feed our family and fill the car with gas. Dues-paying union members get more from the union than the union takes from us through exclusive union benefits and collective bargaining power.

Median earnings for union and non-union workers

The choice is easy.


What they say: That you have a choice to pay your union dues and that you should choose not to. 

What it means: It means that the Union will lose strenth and may eventually disappear. Regardless of how you might feel about Unions, you enjoy the benefits that come with it. Consider this: If you were at the store and a coworker’s cart was full of groceries and they have just paid for it.  Would you take some of, or all, of your coworkers’ groceries, just because you could?

What they say:  Unions only want your money to give to politicians who do not represent your values.

What it means: How do these people know what your values are? CWA has a Political Action Fund (PAF), which is separate to paying union-dues.  Members choose if they wish to contribute to that fund, which goes to candidates at a state or national level.

CWA Local 4502 gives small amounts of money to a few local labor friendly political candidates from both parties. We do this to advance members’ interests at work. If you know of any candidates who are labor friendly and will help our members, please let us know.

We are political because we have to be to get the best contracts for our members, but we are not party political as union-busters claim  Many people do not care for the political aspect, which is understandable; however, just about every company out there has lobbyists who work for, or are affiliated to politicians or their parties because it gives them influence. Unions have a duty to get the best for workers and are the only voice working people and families have – Unions serve as our lobbyists. “If you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu” (Pat Rusk, a teacher’s union president).

Your Union pay raise of 3% is effective April 17, 2022.

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The City and CWA Local 4502 did not reach an agreement today in their first bargaining session over the Hero Pay and Vaccine Incentive.  A date is not set for the next discussion.


Many things have changed since we have initially discussed this matter with City Council President Hardin to get a Frontline Worker’s Bonus.  The legislation was signed some time ago.  It indicates that it will pay up to $1000.  City Council intended us to get $1000 based on conversations before and after, and council passed 7.1 Million dollars which comes out to 7100 bargaining employees.  Once the legislation passed, an MOU was sent to the union.  The MOU only has $500 for the Frontline Worker Bonus and $500 vaccine incentive.  This is not what we lobbied for nor is it was not what was discussed.  We have not signed the MOU.  The MOU gives the $500 to all employees for the Frontline Worker Bonus.  The legislation left it up the Department Directors to determine who get the Frontline Worker Bonus, however, that has been taken from their hands as the MOU pays it to everyone.  We would like to see employees receive the $1000.  The union is okay with the city offering a vaccine incentive, however, we do not feel it should be tied to the Frontline Workers Bonus.  Our position is solely, that our members should get the Frontline Worker Bonus for $1000 as discussed and allowed by the legislation. The vaccine incentive is separate and we agree to $500 for this, but not out of the Frontline Worker Bonus.

CWA Local 4502 urges our membership to vote No on Issue 7. This issue would remove $87 million dollars from the City’s General Fund. This would mean the loss of services and jobs. Save jobs and services to the City of Columbus customers by voting No on Issue 7.

Last night at the City of Columbus council meeting, President Wilson was invited to speak on behalf of our membership in support of frontline workers to receive hazard pay. Needless to say, she was very well received. The legislation was approved to issue one-time hazard payments to frontline city employees in an amount up to $1,000.00 per employee. All the details have not been worked out and we will be providing updates as they become available.



Healthcare Insurance Information

July 15, 2021



Some employees in July received a letter concerning step therapy changes beginning September 1, 2021.  This letter was sent in error by UHC.  There is a letter being sent advising employees to disregard the previous letter with an apology for the error and any confusion.


HOWEVER, if you receive a letter in August, please follow the directions provided in the letter.  The first letter was sent to a broader number of employees and did not necessarily apply.  As per UHC, the August letter will be sent to only those that are impacted by plan changes.

Juneteenth Personal Day for 2021



The Juneteenth Observance legislation, which included the Personal Business Day Memorandum of Understanding, is going for vote by City Council on July 19th.  It will then be loaded into Dayforce in the following week.  Please monitor you balances on your check stub.  Once it appears on your check stub it is available for use.