CWA Local 4502 urges our membership to vote No on Issue 7. This issue would remove $87 million dollars from the City’s General Fund. This would mean the loss of services and jobs. Save jobs and services to the City of Columbus customers by voting No on Issue 7.

Last night at the City of Columbus council meeting, President Wilson was invited to speak on behalf of our membership in support of frontline workers to receive hazard pay. Needless to say, she was very well received. The legislation was approved to issue one-time hazard payments to frontline city employees in an amount up to $1,000.00 per employee. All the details have not been worked out and we will be providing updates as they become available.



Healthcare Insurance Information

July 15, 2021



Some employees in July received a letter concerning step therapy changes beginning September 1, 2021.  This letter was sent in error by UHC.  There is a letter being sent advising employees to disregard the previous letter with an apology for the error and any confusion.


HOWEVER, if you receive a letter in August, please follow the directions provided in the letter.  The first letter was sent to a broader number of employees and did not necessarily apply.  As per UHC, the August letter will be sent to only those that are impacted by plan changes.

Juneteenth Personal Day for 2021



The Juneteenth Observance legislation, which included the Personal Business Day Memorandum of Understanding, is going for vote by City Council on July 19th.  It will then be loaded into Dayforce in the following week.  Please monitor you balances on your check stub.  Once it appears on your check stub it is available for use.

Update to Merit Pay   –     07/2/21



There was an inordinate number of reviews submitted in the past week to Civil Service.  Civil Service continues to work through the processing of these reviews and will have a better idea toward the end of next week if payments will be processed by 07/29/21 or 7/15/21.

It appears that all merit requests have been submitted to Civil Service. They should all be processed by 7/1/21.  All employees eligible for merit pay should receive all increases and back pay on the 7/15/21 paycheck.


Processing of 2021 merit increases will begin as soon as the 2020 merits have been completed.


Concerning 2020 Merit Raises


The city began to process 2020 merit raises on April 20.  They have until July 1, 2021 to get them processed.   If you do not get your merit by July 1 and believe you are due one from 2020, please contact the union starting July 2 and no later than July 9.  You can email Susan Wilson ( and Hugh Williams (, or call the union hall at 614-485-1265.

The issue with the UHC prescription drug coverage denials has been resolved.  This was a global issue at UHC and multiple employer groups were impacted.